Asian College of Veterinary Internal Medicine


Call for AiCVIM DeFacto members

The de Facto appointed Diplomates should fulfill the following ALL criteria.
Please submit all forms by Feb 15 2020.

- are American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (small animal internal medicine, cardiology, neurology and oncology)-, European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (CA internal medicine, cardiology, and oncology)- or European College of Veterinary Neurology-board certified specialists
- have primary veterinary degree and veterinary clinical working experience in Asia (should show a credible intent to return to practice in Asia if they are currently work abroad) OR are currently primarily working actively in Asia as a specialist in above disciplines (spending at least 60 percent of their time in companion animal internal medicine)
- are strongly willing to help to establish AiCVIM residency programs
- are of good moral and ethical standing in the profession - are full members of the AiSVIM.

Selection will be made on the basis of a submitted CV including evidence of fulfillment of the above criteria, and also indicating how the candidates have achieved their expertise.

Veterinarians meeting these requirements and wishing to apply for De Facto Diplomates status should submit the following documents in English:
1. Cover letter requesting De Facto Diplomates status in the AiCVIM
2. A “conventional” format curriculum vitae, which should include:
 a. Education and employment history
 b. The training received in veterinary internal medicine, cardiology, oncology or neurology
 c. Participation (and, if applicable, abstracts presented) in national and international veterinary internal medicine meetings
 d. Peer reviewed articles and book chapters authored by candidate
 e. Teaching of veterinary internal medicine or other specialty by the candidate
 f. Lectures in veterinary internal medicine or other specialty by the candidate in Continuing Education courses
3. Reference letter from supervisor, e.g., Dean, Clinic Director, etc. The letter should attest to the candidate’s good moral character and ethical standing, and confirm the accuracy of all documents submitted by the candidate.
4. Recommendation letter from Vice Presidents of AiSVIM

Also, the candidate should submit:
1. An electronic copy (PDF file) of his/her license to practice veterinary medicine. If the license is not in English, append a translation.
2. Electronic copies (PDF file) of the first page of all book chapters, peer-reviewed articles and meeting abstracts authored by the candidate and published in English. If the candidate has authored peer-reviewed articles in other languages, please provide:
 a. English translation of your leading papers (full text) – PDF file
 b. English translation of the abstracts of all your other non-English
articles –
3. Application fee : $250.00 USD

PDF file
Note: A candidate who has 3 or more peer-reviewed articles in English does not need to submit translations of his/her non-English articles. Similarly, please submit English translations of your meeting abstracts, unless you have 3 or more meeting abstracts in English.

Electronic copies of all of these documents must be received by e-mail directed to the AiCVIM Secretary (or Vice President) of your respective country. If there is no Secretary or Vice President in your country, please send the application forms directly to the President, Dr. Tetsuya Kobayashi (